Forgiveness Will Liberate You

As we end our seven day study on forgiveness, we see how important it is with our Christian walk. We’re not saying it is easy, but it is vital to your mental, spiritual, and physical growth. Why is it so important to forgive those who have hurt you? Because if you hold onto bitterness and resentment, you are only building a prison around yourself and giving the enemy the key. The one who hurt you becomes your jailer, and can control your life on all levels. The moment your forgive that person you walk right out of your cell into freedom. You regain control over your thoughts and emotions. You are no longer attacked by vengeance and hatred. Forgiveness will liberate you! It will set you free to focus on things in your life that are truly important, like the relationships that are wholesome and good. You are called according to the purpose of God.

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