Our Mission Statement is simple, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matthew 28:19-20)
I’m New Here
We ‘re glad that you have stopped by to learn what we’re all about. We hope you see our passion for Jesus and His gospel. He is the only reason that we do what we do — preaching, children’s ministry, outreach, and even singing.
Be sure to make your way to the Welcome Center at Heritage where you can find answers to any question you will have. From there you will receive our HCC “welcome pack”, be able to sign your children into Sunday school, and more. To save time we ask you complete the online Release Form for your children.


Where can God use your talents?
Why do we Give?
Paying tithing is a sacred privilege. When we pay tithing we show gratitude for all that God has given us and return to Him a portion of what we have received. Tithing is used to build temples and meetinghouses, translate and publish the scriptures, do missionary and family history work, and in other ways build God’s kingdom on earth.
Here at Heritage Christian Church, there are many ways to Give:
1) Online giving: This safe and flexible option is the easiest way to give at HCC! This method is a safe and secure way to give. Here you can easily manage your giving amount and specify where the funds should be applied.
2) Smartphone: This is a safe and secure way to give directly from the HCC app.
3) Mail: Mail your check to Heritage Christian Church, 402 Commerce Circle Mt. Sterling, KY 40353.
4) Sunday Service: Give in person, we would love to see you at HCC.

Building Fund


Children’s Ministry

Heritage Christian Church Prayer Wall
Welcome to the HCC Prayer Wall. God hears your prayers! Use the form below to add your request. We also encourage you to scroll down the page to pray for others. Click “I PRAYED FOR THIS” to let a fellow Christian know that they are not alone. Thanks for being a part of the HCC family!
“Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” (Matthew 18:19-20)
Submit To Prayer Wall (Public User)

Please note: Public requests require approval.

Public User: Amen Matthew 18:20 When two or more are gathered in my name; I am in the midst of them Almighty God, hear this prayer. Dear Lord, I offer you this prayer, to help me with my current relationship situation. Please take away all the pain and hurt in my heart. Fill it with love, joy, patience, and understanding. Bless me and my partner, so that we may never surrender to whatever challenges that come our way. Fill our hearts with love for each other, and may you make each one of us realize each other’s worth. Please touch the heart of my partner,fill it with much love for me. Make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. I seek for your mercy and blessing that you may allow us to spend the rest of our lives with each other. Please make this feeling mutual for both of us. Lead us not into temptations. Guide us wherever we go. Always put us in each other’s heart and mind. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer. I love you in Jesus Name Amen.
0 praying. – I PRAYED FOR THIS
Carley Chambers: Carley Chambers
0 praying. – I PRAYED FOR THIS
Amelie Walters: Amelie Walters
1 praying. – I PRAYED FOR THIS
Reid: Please pray for God to enter me and to make an intervention in my life quickly. Please ask God to enter me in the future to stop attacks from the enemy. Please pray for me healing as well, I am very sick. I want help from God as I am forced into satanic worship and I want you to pray specifically with faith for God to enter me to bring me to a safe place to live and to find help.Thank you, just a quick prayer request. God bless you. Please also pray for God to enter my friend Stuart and to bring him peace and protection.
1 praying. – I PRAYED FOR THIS
Sarah Martin: I need prayers for my Aunt Rita, she is very sick and losing too much weight. The doctors aren't doing enough to help her.
5 praying. – I PRAYED FOR THIS
Angela Hughes: First let us give the Lord thanks for the abundance of all things.Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Pray against the spirit of anti Christ,false witness,terrorism hatred and violence. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God's will be done in the lives of the world's leaders and for our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and, that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. God can turn the hearts of kings. Earnestly pray that the people of America and its leaders will humble themselves and seek the Lords face and turn from their wicked ways. Pray that the Lord would hear from heaven and forgive our countries sins and heal our land. God Bless America Pray that the Lord would grant peace in America, that we may lie down and no one will make us afraid. That the Lord would remove wild beasts from the land, and that the sword will not pass through our country and that President Trump along with our leaders be filled with power, with the Spirit of the Lord, and with justice and might to declare the sins of Gods people. Please pray for revival and that the Lord would pour out his spirit on his servants, throughout the world both men and women. Pray for the peace of Israel. Gods will be done on earth as it is in heaven.In Jesus Name, Amen.
3 praying. – I PRAYED FOR THIS
Alfred: Please pray for Eric M. Please pray for his conversion to faith in Jesus Christ... Pray for God’s grace for Eric.
16 praying. – I PRAYED FOR THIS
Sarah Martin: My step kids' mom, Tina has terminal cancer. She will be on chemo for the rest of her life. Please be in prayer for her, the kids, and her mom.
18 praying. – I PRAYED FOR THIS


As For Me

A lot of people take pleasure in boasting about themselves and their success. It’s because they need to make themselves feel valued. It takes a humble person to not deceive themselves into taking credit for their own accomplishments. The person who feels valued by God will boast about all that God has done for them. Everything comes into perspective as you grow in relationship with your heavenly Father. What praises are you singing to the God of Jacob?


We Will Tell

next-gen-02The next generation is struggling and looking for guidance. What better way to introduce them to the Lord, than to share you miraculous encounters with the Lord? Over time these harrowing rescues may fade in our memory so write them down with your full emotions. Later we can uncover them to …


Thirsting For God

Are you thirsting for God right now? Thirsting for water is a slow, small feeling that takes root in your tongue that grows until you cannot stand it anymore. In thirsting for God, your days are not quite right and you are wandering aimlessly until you just cannot go further without connecting with God. Quench your thirst and spend some time with God. Read His Words, listen to Him in prayer, or just be still. He is there waiting for you.

Jesus Paid the Debt

Do you hold grudges? Do you have bills? Those are forms of debt. Have faith that those debts can be canceled. Jesus paid for our sins when He died upon the cross, why not have faith that He can pay our other debts too. Give that grudge you’ve been holding onto to Jesus, He will take care of it. Worried about how your going to pay that bill, give that worry to Him too. Have faith that He will take care of it. Sow into His Kingdom, so He can Sow into you. ‘And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors’ Matthew 6:12.

Let Freedom Ring

‘Let freedom ring’ is the sentiment celebrated on this day. But regarding this thought of freedom there are some very different interpretations. For some this freedom means to throw off every claim of a legitimate authority including the appropriate laws (Psalm 2:2-3). This is not freedom but open rebellion where we desire to be a law unto ourselves. With autonomous spirit each man will do what is right in his own eyes and pain and suffering will surely follow for individuals, families, comm …


The Temple

The Temple Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God?
( 1 Corinthians 6:19 )

God’s presence is fully found in both the Notre Dame Cathedral and the rural cinderblock church. Both of these are temple’s …


Offer Him the Praise

When we pray to God, most of the time we gloss over praising God. Instead, we cut to the chase and just ask God to bless us, our children, and heal our neighbors. Yet we serve a powerful God. One who deserves to be recognized and admired for His love, power, and grace. Let’s spend a few moments talking to God by sharing our love and honor for Him. Isn’t He glorious?


God is like Oxygen

Faith is defined as having complete trust or confidence in someone or something. We don’t see oxygen, we trust it’s there when we take a breath. We know it’s there when we continue to breathe. God isn’t visable to us, but his works are. Look around, look at all your blessings, look at the world he created for you and me. We may not see him but we trust he is there, because of these things. Have FAITH! Have complete …


Heritage Happens June 19-25, 2016

We are so excited you chose to worship with us today. If you missed out on any of our events, your can check our u …



We are so excited you chose to worship with us today. If you missed out on any of our events, your can check our updated newsletters here.


Service Times:
Sunday Morning Coffee and Donuts:  9:30 am
Sunday Service: 10:00 am
Wednesday Dinner: 6:30 pm
Wednesday Service: 7:10
What To Expect 
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Heritage Kids

Kids are Very Important at HCC and we want them to learn about Jesus in anyway possible. With the technology our kids have access today, they can take in so much, but are they taking in the Word of Jesus? Now we are adding fun games and videos that are not only fun but will teach the kids about our Father, Jesus Christ.
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16
Help Joseph, Mary, and Jesus avoid King Herod and make it to Egypt.
Help Gizmo get the animals back onto the Ark.
Answer each Bible question right to be come a “Bible Millionaire”
The ultimate Bible trivia game!
How well do you know the Bible? See if you can place all the Books of the Bible in order.
Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 10.28.40 AM
Guess the Bible Verse by picking the right letters that are missing.
Printable Coloring Pages
Boy’s Bookmark
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